Alduaij Jewelry


01. The order

How do i place
orders on alduaij website

To buy an item from our
website, . Select your desired product. And After specifying your preferences,
click on "add to cart." You will then be directed to the checkout
page, enter all required informations to purchase  you can choose the payment method for
completing your purchase.

How i know if the
product is available or not

All items posted online are available for

How do i will know my size

A free and easy-to-use size guide is available at the
bottom of the website., click on the "Size Guide" link.

What Are Jewelry Collections Available

The jewelry collections on the Alduaij Website vary in
style, price, and gemstones used.Here are some of the specific ways that the
Jewelry Collections :

High jewelery, Simply Elegant, Daily Wear and a Sets for
Bridal, Engagement Rings and Baby Collections.

How to involved in alduaij vip program

Customers are enrolled into the program based  on 
their  purchase  history. As 
a holder  of  Alduaij 
VIP  Privilege  Card, 
you can rest assured that you will be the first to enjoy the best that
Alduaij has to offer.Your  VIP  Privilege 
Card  gives  you 
great benefits    Alduaij    Jewelry and other participating companies
in the program.

02. Shipment

What jewelery suits me

You can choose the best
jewelery suits you by main factors included by your skin tone, face shape to
necklace and depending on your goal.

In alduaij jewelry we enhance your choices to fit your

You  can read how to choose your right jewelery to inform more.

How jewelry is made 

Alduaij decided that we will only use
precious metal as a raw material when making your own jewelry.

Alduaij operates one of the largest factories of Fine
Jewelry in the region branded as COUGAR making Fine Jewelry with innovative technology
and best international skills force.

The design made at Alduaij Factory are authentic,

certified, and quality passed.

Are gold good investment

Whether gold is a good investment depends
on your individual circumstances and investment goals. Gold has historically
been seen as a safe-haven asset.

Are diamond  good investment

diamonds can be a good
investment for some people, but they are not right for everyone. If you are
considering investing in diamonds, it is important to do your research and understand
the risks involved.includes  investment
goals, The type of diamond you invest in and the market.